Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root (usually metal or titanium posts or frames) that a dentist surgically positions into your jawbone to easily mount prosthetic devices such as a replacement tooth or bridge into that specific area. Basically, a dental implant is an oral necessity that provides stable support for your artificial teeth. Compared to a denture, it is not easy to remove a dental implant. Also, you don’t need to remove the implants for overnight soaking like what you would do with dentures.

Implanting this structure requires three steps. The first one is a surgery where the dentist positions the frame into the jawbone like a natural tooth root. The second one is the installation of an extension called a post. The third step is the creation of a crown or bridge and then attaching it to the artificial tooth root. The entire dental implant procedure will take about five to nine months. Before you decide to get a dental implant though, there are still several things that you should consider first:

  • Are your gums healthy? Do you have enough bone? Healthy gums and adequate bones are prerequisites to getting dental implants as these ensure proper support.
  • Are you ready for meticulous oral hygiene as well as regular visits to the dentists after getting the implants? These are requirements to follow.
  • Can you quit smoking? Smoking can deteriorate the state of the dental structure your dentist fitted for you.

How long you would be able to take advantage of your dental implants will depend on how thorough you are with your oral hygiene and maintenance. To get more information not only implants but also for the after-care procedures and Dental Clinic Services in Carrollton, Texas, contact us. Carrollton Family Dental is the go-to dental clinic for you.