Exam, X Rays & Cleanings

Brushing your teeth daily is one of the many ways to ensure good oral health. However, aside from daily brushing, it is imperative to find other methods to clean your teeth. After all, no matter how thorough and frequent you brush your teeth, it is inevitable to miss some elements, especially in the hard-to-reach places. Going to the dental clinic for a dental exam, x-rays, cleanings and other Dental Clinic Services in Carrollton, Texas is a valuable treatment to take advantage of to keep your pearly whites as healthy as you possibly can.

The oral exam, x-ray, and cleaning treatments are essential if you don’t want your oral health to deteriorate. These treatments are beneficial for you if you want to remove all that plaque as well as detect early decay. With these treatments, you can expect the following:

  • Thorough oral diagnostics
  • Comprehensive oral exam (includes careful examination of the teeth for signs of decay, gum disease, and oral cancer)
  • Taking intraoral photos of the mouth or of the teeth of concern
  • Evaluating your risk of gum disease, root decay, and tooth decay
  • Evaluating the need for tooth replacement or restoration
  • Planning oral treatment
  • Allowing your dentist to review all available oral treatment options
  • Reviewing dental pathology
  • Charting all existing dentistry
  • Dental X-rays
    • Full set X-rays
    • Periodic X-rays
    • Panoramic X-rays
    • Checkup X-rays
    • Periapical X-rays
    • and many more

These dental services will keep you updated regarding your oral health. The dentist can evaluate your oral health comprehensively if you go through the dental exam, x-rays, and cleanings. To know the state of your oral health, it may be time for you to visit your dentist. Carrollton Family Dental will welcome you with open arms. Visit us at our dental clinic so we can serve you better.