Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas)

What is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous Oxide or what is commonly called Laughing Gas which is a chemical compound. It’s a non-flammable and colorless drug at room temperature, it has a metallic scent and taste. It is called laughing gas because when used, it can give a feeling of intense happiness and relaxation. This compound has to be used with precaution because this can bring harm to patients when used improperly. It is being used to remove pain and to produce a relaxed state of the body.

Nitrous Oxide is famously used in dentistry because unlike any other anesthetics, patients can recover immediately and are capable of travelling, walking and driving safely. Because it is in a gas form, it affects patients immediately and wears off just as fast.

How is it used in dentistry?

This chemical compound is often used in dental clinics when patients experience discomfort or fear and when patients have a low pain threshold. It is also commonly used in children who have great fear of the dentist and to those who have very sensitive teeth. It can also be used for somebody who has a bad gag reflex. Gag reflex is an action where the muscles in the throat easily contract. This means it would be difficult to perform a dental procedure on the patient with a bad gag reflex, hence the use of nitrous oxide to aid in the process.

Nitrous Oxide at our Family Dentistry Clinic

Carrollton Family Dental is a Dental Clinic in Carrolton, Texas that offers the option for Nitrous Oxide especially if you have kids who need to have a visit to the dentist. We can also administer the compound if oral care is complicated and might take more time than the usual. We have experienced doctors who can evaluate and assess the extent of the need for oral care service. We also have several payment options that you can choose from depending on what suits you. Come and visit our clinic now! You can also schedule an appointment for Saturday schedules if you can’t find time during usual business hours/days for Dental Clinic Services in Carrollton, Texas.