Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Carrollton, Texas

root canal therapyWhen the nerves of the teeth have been infected by an infection or decay, undergoing root canal therapy is a necessity. The goal of this therapy is to save the teeth. To do so, decay, bacteria, the nerves and the pulp of the affected tooth will be removed. Special dental materials will then be placed on the resulting space as a replacement.

A root canal therapy lasts for a long period of time and its success rate is high. However, treating a tooth again may be necessary due to the possible presence of new infections.

When Root Canal Therapy Is Necessary

This therapy is needed when:

  • the tooth has trauma or injury
  • there is an abscess or infection at the root tip or inside the tooth
  • the tooth pulp has decayed

Additionally, you may have to go through this therapy when:

  • your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold
  • abscess is present on your gums
  • the gums are tender and swollen
  • you suffer from extreme toothache pain

Take note, though, that symptoms may not be present at all.

Procedure Overview:

A dentist or a root canal specialist called an endodontist will perform this procedure. It may require one or more appointments.

The professional will make the affected tooth numb and make an opening at the top of it. Root canal files will be placed in order to thoroughly remove decay, bacteria, nerves and other items present using dental instruments. Afterwards, depending on the situation, a temporary or permanent filling will be used to seal the opening. A crown will also be placed on each tooth that has been treated through this procedure to prevent all of them from breaking.

Sensitivity may occur after the procedure or while the tooth heals but will eventually subside. You will then receive further care instructions and will be encouraged to follow good oral hygiene practices.