4 Tips for Individuals Who Are Afraid of Tooth Extraction

4 Tips for Individuals Who Are Afraid of Tooth Extraction

When the dentist tells you that you need to undergo a tooth extraction procedure, how do you feel about it? Tooth extraction may be intimidating to a lot of people. Most patients describe this procedure with the words “painful” or “bloody”. Some people with heart problems even ask permission from their physician before undergoing a tooth extraction procedure so that complications would not get in the way. However, it is important for you to take note that if you put your trust in your dentist, tooth extraction will never be something to be afraid of or something you should regret. Here are some helpful tips for individuals who are afraid of tooth extraction and its effects:

  1. Not much pain because of anesthesia

    Your dentist might offer you two options when it comes to getting your anesthesia. Anesthesia may be injected directly into a part of your gums or it may be applied around your gums topically. Topical anesthesia is just like a gel-like solution that numbs your teeth for some time. Throughout the whole procedure, you wouldn’t feel an intense level of pain. In every dental procedure that requires anesthesia, you will only feel pain in your mouth minutes or hours after the procedure has been completed.

  2. The answer to your burdensome dental problem

    Consider this carefully. You’ve been experiencing excruciating pain because of your tooth or teeth for several weeks now. The solution your dentist offered is tooth extraction. Do you want to get that annoying tooth or teeth out of your mouth? Or do you want to suffer from the pain that comes back whenever it wants just because you’re afraid of the tooth extraction procedure? Tooth extraction takes place in only one setting. The excruciating pain might last for a longer time if you don’t get that burdensome tooth or teeth removed.

  3. Relax because it won’t take too long

    The procedure doesn’t take too much of your time. The duration heavily depends on how many teeth need to be extracted. If it’s just one tooth, it would take less than an hour to get it removed. But it surely won’t take all day to remove your damaged teeth.

  4. A refreshing reward right after

    After the procedure, you might be recommended by your dentist to eat ice cream or something cold, for as long as it isn’t hard to chew or swallow. Cold food like ice cream can help soothe and refresh the new gap in your teeth. Most children are encouraged to have their tooth extracted by the dentist so that they can eat ice cream right after. This is also applicable to adults. Tooth extractions are indeed rewarding.

After the whole procedure, you wouldn’t have to cry in pain because of your teeth. Carrollton Family Dental offers dental clinic services in Carrollton, Texas. We are experts at family dentistry who are committed to providing dental care in Texas. You can always count on us to check up on your teeth and fix them whenever you are experiencing pain. With every visit from the dentist, you’ll get a brighter smile that’s good for the rest of the day.

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