Causes and Treatment of Sensitive Teeth

Causes and Treatment of Sensitive Teeth

In the US alone, at least 40 million adults suffer from sensitive teeth. These sharp twinges happen suddenly and temporarily especially when exposed to cold, sweet, acidic, or hot foods. Even cold air can aggravate the shooting pain. When you keep passing on hot or cold drinks knowing that your teeth will hurt, visit our family dental in Carrollton, Texas to discuss your condition.

Nail down its causes and triggers so you can find a solution. Do you brush your teeth with a heavy hand? More than removing just plaque, such brushing method can make your enamel fade faster. Instead, use a soft-bristled brush and work at a 45-degree angle to your gum to keep enamel clean and strong.

Do you have a preference for acidic foods and drinks? Sadly, treats such as soda, sticky candy, and high-sugar carbs attack the enamel. Teeth grinding unknowingly wears away your enamel and if you have a severe habit of teeth clenching, you may need dental care services in Carrollton to change your teeth position or else, have a muscle relaxant.

Going forthright to the root of the problem, naturally shrinking gums, gum disease, and a cracked tooth or filling leave your teeth vulnerable. Let the dentists at Carrollton Family Dental recommend you with methods to help ease the pain. If it gets serious, you may be suggested a root canal. For your dental needs, let cosmetic dentistry provide you with the solutions.

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