Dental Emergency Tips to Keep in Mind When on Vacation

Dental Emergency Tips to Keep in Mind When on Vacation

What dental emergency measures should you take when away from home? Carrollton Family Dental, a Family Dental in Carrollton, Texas, gives you a list of tips and suggestions on how to handle dental emergencies when you’re out of town or on a vacation.

First of all, you should never forget the basics: floss, cotton, gauze, and aspirin. If you have oral health issues more than the regular person, it’s important to have your dentist’s number on speed dial. That way, you can call them for advice or referrals if a problem arises.

Dental emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. Being prepared for these situations would mean the difference between enjoying your vacation and having to rest or head home because you can no longer bear the pain. If necessary, take yourself to the nearest dental clinic or emergency room.

If you find yourself facing a dental emergency, keep these tips in mind so you can effectively manage your problems.

  • Broken Teeth.
    If a minor accident ends up with you getting a broken tooth, make sure to rinse your mouth with warm water right away. After which, apply a cold compress and head to the dentist as soon as possible.
  • Toothache.
    Getting a toothache on vacation is the worst because it prevents you from truly enjoying all of the day’s activities. The first thing you need to do when you get a toothache is to rinse your mouth with warm water and then floss between your teeth to remove trapped food. Then you’ll want to apply cold compress to reduce the swelling or take some pain reliever.
  • Getting your tooth knocked out.
    Make sure to touch the knocked-out tooth as little as possible when you rinse it with running water. You can attempt to put the tooth back in its socket if it’s possible. If not, then make sure to place it in a container with a special tooth preserving solution that can be bought in the nearest drugstore. The sooner you get to the dentist, the higher the chance your tooth will be saved.
  • Fractured jaw.
    In cases like these, you need to head to the emergency room right away. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to move your jaw. Wrap something around your jaw to keep it from moving before you make your way to the hospital.
  • Bitten lip or tongue.
    Using a clean cloth, apply pressure to the bleeding area. You can put cold compress to reduce the swelling. If you bit it too hard and can’t stop the bleeding, take yourself to the nearest hospital right away.

If you happen to be in Carrollton, Texas when experiencing these emergencies, you can head over to Carrollton Family Dental. We can provide a wide array of solutions to handle these urgent situations, including Cosmetic Dentistry for remedying the serious damage to your teeth and gums.

Any more tips on how to best prepare for dental emergencies? Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section.

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