Key Essentials of Maintaining Good Oral Health

Key Essentials of Maintaining Good Oral Health

As a leading provider of Dental Clinic Services in Carrollton, Texas, we highly advocate in administering careful oversight of your oral health. You wouldn’t want to suffer from major health complications when you could have prevented it from worsening with a simple healthy habit.

In oral health, you need to take note of the following:

  • The Occurrence of Dental Problems

    The following dental problems can lead to even more complications, especially among seniors and family members with chronic disease, such as diabetes.

    • Mouth ulcers that don’t heal even after two weeks
    • Swollen gums with bleeding after brushing
    • Persistent bad breath
    • Being sensitive to hot or cold drinks
    • Declining gums
    • Loosened teeth
    • Clicking sound of the jaw
    • Pain when chewing or biting
    • Facial swelling
    • Frequent episodes of dry mouth

    Quick note: Consider it an emergency when your oral problems are accompanied by a very high fever or even a swelling on the face or neck.

  • Causes of Dental Problems

    With adequate Dental Care in Texas, your dental problems can be addressed. But many of these problems are caused by the following:

    • Poor oral/brushing habits
    • Smoking
    • Frequently eating and drinking sweets
    • Having diabetes
    • Medication side effects
    • Genetics or family history
    • Hormonal changes, especially among women
    • Frequent episodes of vomiting, possibly of acid reflux
  • Diagnosing Dental Problems
    When you visit a Family Dentistry clinic, the dentists will determine if you have minor dental problems or if these problems are serious. In diagnosing your oral condition, dentists will tap or scrape your teeth with their tools. Some patients may also be required to undergo dental x-rays so that the actual position of the teeth can be seen. With these dental exams, the dentist can also spot any abnormality, such as lumps, growths, or lesions. When the dentist suspects something serious, the patient will be advised to do a gum biopsy, which can determine if the lumps or lesions contain cancerous cells.
  • Different Types of Dental Diseases
    • Cavities: These are permanent damages to the teeth, also known as caries or tooth decay. This is the most common of all dental diseases. Cavities can also bore holes in the patient’s teeth.
    • Gingivitis: This condition occurs when the gums are inflamed caused by too much buildup of plaque at the base of the teeth. The reason for the buildup is mainly because of poor brushing habits.
    • Periodontitis: This is aggravated gingivitis, which can possibly infect the jaws and the bones and other inflammatory responses in the body.
    • Broken teeth: This breaking can be caused by an oral injury, chewing of hard foods, or the habit of grinding the teeth at night.

Always take care of your oral health. At Carrollton Family Dental, we help ensure that you will not only have healthy teeth, but you will also have bright smiles to share every day. Set your dentist’s appointment with us today.

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