The Ultimate Guide to Taking Care of Your Veneers

The Ultimate Guide to Taking Care of Your Veneers

As the leading Cosmetic Dentistry in town, it is our duty to educate our clients about the proper way to take care of their dental veneers. In this way, their veneers will stay stronger and last longer. The list below consists of the important do’s and don’ts one must remember at all times:


  • Observe good hygiene. To keep the veneers in good condition, it is important for you to brush, floss, and rinse like the usual times. However, you must use nonabrasive toothpaste and alcohol-free mouthwash to avoid staining and deterioration.
  • Use a mouth guard. Are you a physically active person? If so, it is highly recommended for you to use a mouth guard. Whenever you engage in activities such as basketball, football, volleyball, and wrestling, you need to put your mouth guard on. By doing so, you can protect your teeth from injury.
  • See your dentist. Dentists will help maintain your veneers healthy. They will check any potential dental problems and address it before it becomes a serious issue. They will also conduct teeth cleaning to keep your veneers white and tartar-free. So, make time to visit the nearest dental clinic in your area for a regular check-up.


  • Do not eat hard foods. Although veneers are durable, they can chip and even break. Because of that, you have to be careful when choosing your meals and only eat soft foods. Foods like egg, fish, pasta, and banana are examples of foods you can eat.
  • Do not clench or grind teeth. Continuous clenching or grinding of teeth can put stress to your veneers which may cause it to crack. With that, you have to be cautious with your oral habits. Also, avoid nail-biting and thumb sucking.
  • Do not use it as a tool. Some people open their packages using their teeth. However, for individuals like you with veneers, this should be avoided. You must refrain from using your veneer when ripping packages and opening bottles.

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