What You Need to Know Before Bleaching Your Teeth

What You Need to Know Before Bleaching Your Teeth

Our smile could be one of our biggest assets. It is the first thing that a person will see in us. Hence, we often become conscious of our teeth. Whenever we see our favorite celebrities donning their white and bright smiles, we also want to achieve such. But what does it really take for one to have whiter teeth?

Teeth whitening requires professional treatment and a thorough process for it to be effective. Carrollton Family Dental, a trusted provider of dental clinic services in Carrolton, Texas, offers teeth whitening services that are worth considering.

If you are planning to undergo tooth whitening, here are some things that you might want to think about before you decide:

  • Drugstore products do not guarantee effective results.

    There are many commercially available products today that promise us a white smile. The results are so convincing that many of us would go out and buy them. But these products contain chemicals that may be harmful to us. Hence, using products that are sold in pharmacies do not really guarantee effective results. It is still recommended for us to consult a professional to do the job. They know the needs of our teeth and they can perform the process effectively.

  • Home remedies can also be harmful

    You may have heard about how hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can whiten your teeth. Because of the ready availability of such product, many people might have used these things to whiten their teeth. But when it comes to their efficacy, there are not enough results to prove them. What we emphasize at Carrollton Family Dental, where we provide Dental Clinic Services in Carrollton, Texas, is that tooth whitening must not be done without the presence of a professional. Although the use of home products prove to have whitening effects as we gradually use them, it can also alter the ph balance in our mouth. And this could be more of a bane than a boon.

  • Your food is a factor in teeth discoloration

    Our teeth are similar to that of a sponge. It absorbs everything that has color, and later on, it will result in a yellow stain on your teeth. Coffee, soda, and all the other colored food that we eat will be absorbed by our teeth. Hence, there’s the need to keep our teeth clean and sparkly by regular brushing or with professional teeth whitening by a dental clinic.

Why choose teeth whitening?

Part of hygiene is having healthy teeth and gums. Apart from brushing your teeth and visiting the dentist regularly, it is also healthy to lift the stains that have been stacked up on our teeth. The process of teeth whitening is safe and effective only when performed by a professional.

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