When to Resort to Tooth Extraction

When to Resort to Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is considered as the last option to solve dental problems. The best way is to preserve a tooth when all else does not fail yet. But who wants a missing one? Not only does it feel uncomfortable to have your tooth removed but there’s also the awkward feeling of having a missing tooth right after it’s pulled out. When alternatives fail and you’ve come to that decision, a Family Dental in Carrollton, Texas will make it easy for you.

Dental Care Services in Carrollton provides two tooth extraction procedures. A simple extraction is done on teeth visible in the mouth and is usually done under anesthesia while surgical extraction is performed when the tooth cannot be easily accessed. You will either have to undergo any of these extraction procedures for certain instances.

When the tooth is beyond damage due to severe decay, the decay can invade the center of the tooth ad cause an infection. To prevent this from happening, extraction will be recommended to you by your dentist.

It is also necessary when your mouth is at risk of teeth overcrowding, especially for a patient who has to undergo orthodontic treatment. On the other hand, in the case of accidents that result in dreadful dental issues, tooth extraction may be required.

Removing the impacted tooth can also save other teeth from damages. But when you feel like you can’t give it up yet, need not worry. Carrollton Family Dental got your concerns answered. We are a family and Cosmetic Dentistry that you can rely on for cheaper and quality dental solutions.

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