4 Important Dental Facts You Should Take More Seriously


Primarily, your teeth are there to help you get a grip of the food and grind it. But other than its mechanical benefit, your teeth help you in a social way too. If you have properly aligned and healthy looking teeth, people tend to look at you in a better light. Accordingly, you would appear more approachable, responsible, and even trustworthy.

Having a good set of pearly whites is certainly a big plus for anyone. That being said, everybody must be careful and critical in preserving their dental system. One of the best ways to do is learning what you can do to maintain the same. To help you out, Carrollton Family Dental created an enumeration of facts any dentist would want you to know.

  • You should brush at least twice a day.

    Brushing twice a day must have been repeatedly used by toothpaste brands as a motto already but they are not wrong. According to experts, brushing less than twice a day may potentially raise the risk of developing cavity and other bacterial build-ups in the oral regions. It is best if the brushing is paired with flossing for a more complete and thorough dental care.

  • Periodontal complications will affect the entire body.

    Have you noticed that if your gums are inflamed, the entire body feels the pain and discomfort? This is primarily brought by stress. Aside from tooth loss, periodontal issues are highly linked to certain heart diseases and stroke. This is also a warning that gum problems should not be treated lightly. If you happen to experience one, regardless of the severity, book the soonest appointment you can have with your dentist.

  • Dental check-ups should be done as often as possible.

    Dentists would always recommend patients to visit them at least twice a year or once every six months. Note that it is only a minimum requirement. Everybody is free to go more often. The purpose of this is for surveillance and maintenance. The more you visit your dentists, the more will they discover if your dental cavity is healthy or not.

  • Bad breath is not just caused by a flavorful meal.

    Curry, onion rings, and Laksa are just some of the foods that leave a lasting smell in your mouth after you eat them. But if hours and days have passed since you partook the same, the bad breath you are having may be triggered by something else. Popular possibilities include decayed teeth, gingivitis, and throat issues. Seek professional advice from your dentist immediately.

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