5 Seemingly Harmless Habits That Destroy Your Pearly Whites

5 Seemingly Harmless Habits That Destroy Your Pearly Whites

Despite being hard and durable, your teeth may at some point, break. Just like any other thing or creature in this world, it has its limits. The best thing any person can do is respect such limits and apply methods to keep it stronger and more intact. And you do not have to be a dentist to do so!

Speaking of our pearly whites’ limits, there are several human habits that seem inconsequential but are actually destructive to our teeth. Sadly, a huge percentage of the human population commit the said acts and perform the same on a regular basis. This fact heavily contributes as to why the number of patients suffering from dental complications continues to grow larger.

If you are doing any of these, be sure to regulate (or stop) them:

  • Chewing ice.

    After you empty a beverage at a restaurant, do you enjoy munching on the leftover ice? If you do, then you are committing a grave dental violation! If compared to other objects, chewing solid ice is akin to directly crunching a rock. Added the cold temperature of the ice, tooth breakage becomes a very likely scenario.

  • Nail biting.

    Often, we nail bite because we feel anxious or restless. However, doing so regularly is never good for our pearly whites. As seen by dentists, this habit has the tendency to chip off blocks from your teeth. Also, brought by the exerted pressure and the teeth’s protruding position, the possibility of triggering “jaw dysfunction” is not far from happening.

  • Brushing too forcefully.

    It is understandable that you want to get rid of any food particles in your teeth gaps. Sadly, thrusting the toothbrush too hard is never a healthy practice. The tendency is that you might end up irritating the teeth and gums. Enamel may be eroded and gums bruised.

  • Snacking too often.

    Eating bits of food every now and then is discouraged if you want to protect your pearly whites. The more you eat, the more are the chances of plaque build-up too. But will this not be remedied with more frequent brushing? The answer is no. Excessive brushing is not advised because the strong chemical content in toothpaste can lead to the thinning of enamel coating.

  • Clenching.

    Are you fond of grinding your teeth together? Please be informed that such habit endangers your entire dental system. Due to repetitive grinding or clenching, some parts of the teeth may be cracked or chipped off. The habit may also lead to joint pains.

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