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Dental Emergency Tips to Keep in Mind When on Vacation

What dental emergency measures should you take when away from home? Carrollton Family Dental, a Family Dental in Carrollton, Texas, gives you a list of tips and suggestions on how to handle dental emergencies when you’re out of town or on a vacation. First of all, you should never forget the basics: floss, cotton, gauze, … Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Taking Care of Your Veneers

As the leading Cosmetic Dentistry in town, it is our duty to educate our clients about the proper way to take care of their dental veneers. In this way, their veneers will stay stronger and last longer. The list below consists of the important do’s and don’ts one must remember at all times: DO’S Observe good … Continue reading

Hacks and Tips: How to Prevent Gingivitis

Since our founding years as a provider of Dental Care Services in Carrollton, we have encountered a lot of patients with gingivitis and have witnessed its complications. Loss of teeth, gum holes, and dental abscess are just some of the consequences of this gum disease. To help you avoid having this oral problem, here are the proper dental steps … Continue reading

3 Tips for Handling a Dental Emergency

You never know when a dental emergency may occur, and there are many different reasons that could qualify. You could knock out a tooth, experience extreme pain in your mouth, or require cosmetic dental procedures. However, what are you supposed to do in a dental emergency? Do you go to the hospital or do you … Continue reading